I am in Paris this week.
I majored in French literature at the college department and I wanted to visit the city most in Europe, so I am very happy to visit this town.

I would like to come back to this town and write down what I thought about it.

The appearance of the city

Paris is a rumor, beautiful city. Stone houses that are inherited from hundreds of years line up, and the town seems to be a piece of art. Although it was a Christmas season, other than Champs-Elysées, it was said that it did not illuminate and so on, but as it was said, "It's pretty beautiful from the base," it showed us the same appearance as everyday.

On the other hand, it seems that it has improved considerably, but the dog's hun has fallen on the road, which slightly destroyed the atmosphere.


I normally live in Seattle, a city on the western coast of the United States, thinking that prices are high every day, but the price of Paris is higher than that of Seattle. If you tried to eat proper things at a restaurant for tourists, 20 euros will blow away lightly at lunch.

The restaurant in Europe seems to be paying for the water, and there are also chips to hand over to the waiters, so money will fly.

In addition, there is a seat in this restaurant, and when I ordered a cake with a cafe, I bought 8 euros even though the cake was 4 euros. Seating seems to change according to which seat you sit, so it seems that the terrace seat where the French people love is the highest.


When I was in college 1 or 2 years, I studied French while advocating "Aim aim! Parisien", but I realized that it would be impossible to reborn more than 10 times. I confronted the real Parisian and strongly felt the sense of defeat as a man.

I went to eat Galette with a girl friend in Paris, but as the girls were going to the sofa seat, the road was narrow, so we moved the Parisian of the waiter to the desk so that the girls could pass through all the way I was concerned. The face is small, the nose is expensive, the style is good, can you even worry about it? I do not feel like fighting Parisian about the next 1000 years.

Women have beautiful features anyway, there are many people who are even thinner and outstanding.


I did not encounter any incidents, but I received the impression that a dangerous atmosphere has drifted. Police officers with machine guns are carrying out patrols in town, and I think that we can not maintain security unless we do so.

There were also many pickpocks aimed at tourists, and I think that it was the largest number among the cities I visited in the number. As a main method, as a staff member of an NPO corporation approaches the tourist, saying that we are asking for a signature here, I will present a signature board, while being distracted by it, inside the chest pocket and back I will aim for a purse.


Toilets in sightseeing spots are charged. Also, the toilet can not be said to be beautiful even in flattery, and the McDonald's toilet you stopped is not covered by the toilet seat how a toilet sits directly in the place where the boys make a small and adds. When it comes to friends who live in France, that is the French standard. A beautiful country France is unbelievable.

To the end

I upload pictures of my trip to the instas. Please come and see if it is good.