I took a ship from the Netherlands and came to London, the final point of my journey. It is rainy in London, but it seems that the weather is good miraculously this week.


Even while leaving old traditional buildings at some places, development is proceeding with great momentum. In other European cities there are few contemporary buildings such as buildings and large shopping malls, but in London we are standing bang bang.

Also, many old buildings such as Big Ben are in renovation work. Perhaps after the 2012 Olympic Games, are you repeating renovation in order? No matter how much Earthquake earthquakes are saying, it is not easy to protect old-fashioned traditional buildings.


As long as we are acting in accordance with the rules of the city properly, we will not meet dangerous eyes, but there still seems to be a dangerous place. The underground toilet in the city is often dangerous, and there seems to be a gathering place for bad gays. If you get tangled, you know what the result will be ... .... It is recommended to use the toilet in the shop.


Prices in the central area are expensive for Paris and Amsterdam class. London does not use euros but pounds, but I think that it is about the same level of price even if converted.

I thought it was cheap in London, bread and coffee. Of course it depends on the shop, but compared with the price of other things, I got the impression that the charge setting is done considerably cheaply.

It is said that the London people drink 3 cups of coffee a day, but such a culture is also affecting.

In the cafe attached to the hostel where I stopped it was quite profitable, with 1 pound of coffee and 0.8 pounds of baker 's chocolat.


It is said that "Asians are hated", but that is not the case. There are many kind gentlemen and ladies. Afterwards people in London talk to someone who does not know. When walking down the street, you are being spoken to "What are you looking for?" Or waiting for your turn at the cash register, the grandmother at the back is saying "This cake is delicious delicious" did.

However, speaking of so-called cockney, it is more difficult to hear it than I thought.

A museum

Many museums in London have entrance fee free (donation only). I can feel as good as anything, including the famous British Museum, so I feel very profitable.

To the end
I upload pictures of my trip to the instas. Please come and see if it is good.