REDUCE GO platform to solve the problem of food roth is born in Japan

In Japan, the problem of food roth is serious. Despite the fact that there are many poor countries in the world, many food items are thrown away every day in Japan. Japan is a country that can be boasted for me, but I can not boast about this point. At that time a long-awaited new service appeared.

What is Reduce Go?

Reduce Go is a simple platform. The shopkeeper of the restaurant will register if there are too few ingredients. And the user can eat ingredients registered up to twice a day.This service is monthly system, users pay 1980-yen(about $20) per month.
Amazingly there is no additional charge no matter how much you use this service. Since the user pays once a month, it is easy to use the service. 

Reduce Go can also save university students who came out of Tokyo

Not only in Tokyo but also the major cities all over the world are facing problems, prices in urban areas continue to rise. Therefore, students are forced to live a very painful life. This service may save such students. If I live in Tokyo, I would certainly use this service.

(This is Reduce Go, but now it's only there Japanese version)

I hope many services will birth like that

In Japan, many service and technology are used for games. Japanese love games very much. That is a good thing, but I think that I want more services and technology to be used for problem solving. I hope many services will birth like that.