VALU is the most popular service among Japanese early adapters.

Hi! I'm Hirotomo from Japan. I'm interested in StartUps so I would like to introduce Japanese StartUps for you. Today I wii talk about VALU such as a personal stock market.

What is VALU?

VALU is the kind of platform for stock trading. It is not stock trading here but "VA" that is like a virtual personal stock. User can issue the VA. First of all, User can issue 1000VA, by accumulating achievement, it will be possible to issue up to 5000VA. The first price of 1VA is determined by social credit such as the number of Facebook friends and the number of Twitter followers. After that the price will change depending on popularity of the VALU market. The user can sell the issued VA freely on the VALU. Bitcoin are used for settlement. Those who made the VALU want to cheer for person who trying to challenge.
Also, shareholder benefit is the one of the charm point this services. Some celebrities provide a excellent shareholder benefit for VALUERs*. Some people make a salon to provide a limited information such as "Bitcoin rate will up? or down?". Another one consult VALUER for free. In this way, people who bought a VALU will has a merit. (*VALUER is person who has a VA)


This service has just begun. I am looking forward to see how it will develop in the future.According to the manager's interview, it is also watching overseas expansion. I expect to become an excellent SNS from Japan.