I participated the Boston Career Forum

I recently joined the Boston Career Forum. As an impression, although there were several good stories, it is an honest place to say that we struggled as a whole. I am planning to participate next year, so I would like to write about Tips-like things I found this time for myself next year.


Application (4 months ago)

If you decide to participate in boss-casting, I will recommend you to prepare quickly anyway. The first thing you should prepare is a hotel and an airplane. During the period many people, such as student and company personnel, will rush to Boston, so the price will soar. If possible, it is best to hold down your airline tickets as of June or July.

Also, since you do not know when the schedule will be included during the forum period, please consult with the university schedule and make sure that you can stay as long as possible The selection will proceed favorably.

Advance submission (3 months ago)

If you join the Boston Career Forum, it is a big mistake if you think that you can get a job offer in 3 days. Of course, a lot of informal will come out during the period, but most of that decision is that only those who have made an application in advance and who have interviewed using Skype etc. can do it. As soon as you book a hotel in July, you start studying SPI and let's finish the pre-entry of companies interested by mid August through early September.

Miso is going to apply CFN 's site a little at a time and apply immediately after it opens, as reservations for pre - entry will start to vary from company to company. Depending on the company, there are places where you receive hundreds of entries, and the slower you apply, the lower the probability that you will be able to read the entry sheet.

Preparation for participation in forum (1 week before)

Although pre-entry is a life in boss cali, of course, you can apply also at walk-in. In that case, a Japanese / English regime is necessary, and how much impression you can leave in this little information is a split of game. You can also create a resume on the CFN site, but I recommend not recommend it because it is not cool. It is also out of the question to put out a face picture without sticking it. (Sometimes people like that)

Although there is no winning method in the regime, let's take a firm look at my educational background, experience, good things, etc. and make a regime that can firmly appeal it. You can also print in the boss calibration venue, but since there is only black and white printing, we recommend that you print in advance and take it. It may be good to prepare for companies that subscribe to plain clear files in relation to the regime. Some companies submit together with additional issues, so it is necessary to take measures to prevent them from falling apart.

During the forum period

Day 0 (Thursday)

Early people are starting an interview in Boston from this day, and some people are invited to dinner during this day during their job offer. As I mentioned earlier, those who can afford the university's lesson let's enter Boston on Thursday morning. (Night the night before if possible)

Also, on the evening of this day, there is a reservation-based boss care countermeasure seminar and a reception party, so let's face it out if you do not have an interview. You can grasp the atmosphere by seeing the venue as soon as possible. At this time, you can get the venue map, so when you go back to the hotel at night, it is important to grasp the position of the company you are interested in and reading carefully. Check it with a highlighter pen or something so it's easy to understand.

Day 1 (Friday)

It is the day of boss call. A person who has already applied in advance is good, but for those who are not, how much walking in can be entered on this day is the key.

The first thing to do is to go around each company booth and grasp the format of the walk-in entry and the time of the seminar. Entry conditions vary from company to company, and companies that need to hear seminars and companies that impose additional tasks are also available. Let's make a reasonable schedule by checking them and comparing them with your own interview schedule.

There are companies that just listen to seminars and no additional tasks and only put resumes in places like posts, but even such companies do not just issue a resume but talk to those in the booth, Let's leave an impression and submit it. Maybe you will leave notes on the reminder before submitting.

Day 2 (Saturday)

The second day does not change as a flow against the first day. The only difference is that after the evening. Some companies may impose application conditions such as "18 graduation limitation" or "regular international student limited", but there are cases in which one condition is lost in one company. Many people will be exhausted on the second day, but if you can not even enter a company that you want to go to conditionally, you may want to stick until evening Hmm. If you enter here, there is a possibility that you can preferentially participate in the screening after the boss calibration ends.

Day 3 (Sunday)

As the first day and the second day change, the number of people decreases considerably. Many people who received a job offer go to sightseeing to the streets. On the contrary, it is also a chance to talk over with popular companies, so it may be aiming for those who want to talk a lot.

To the end

Although the Boston Career Forum was a hard event unexpectedly, I thought that it might be an event that can receive a job offer more than the ability by doing the correct turnaround. I am looking forward to participate again next year. Please say hello if you want to participate.