Nintendo launched Animal Crossing Pocket Camp!!

Nintendo, a big game maker in Japan, is famous for Super Mario Brothers and Potemon. On November 2nd 2017, They launched Animal Crossing Pocket Capm(動物の森=DOUBUTUN0 MORI) as a mobile application. Many people are waiting this day. Because Animal crossing is very popular in Japan. Today, I'll introduce about this game.

What is about Animal crossing?

This is a game that you can stay a small village. Many animal live in this village.


Make your own camp site

You can make change your campsite.  You can put furniture, decorate the campsite and make a tent. Then you can show your campsite for your friends and go to friend's campsite. It is the mejer charm point of this application. It is very fun!!

Fishing and 

Interaction with villagers

Let's become a friend!!

If you have a account of Animal crossing, Let's became a friend!! My ID is 93259041060. Please send me a contact request and arrive my camp sime!!