Why is Twitter extremely popular in Japan?

     Today, a lot of social networking services such as Facebook, instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat and Twitter are born. Champion of the social network is Facebook. For now, their competitors are not here in the world. Other social networking services are facing to tough situations. For instance, Snapchat was robbed the main concept by Facebook and they are sluggish. So most Japanese people do not use Snapchat and they use the story at Instagram. But only Twitter is an exception. Many Japanese people love Twitter. Today I'll explain 3 reason of why Japanese people love Twitter.

Information amount of character

     Japanese character (Canese Character) have a lot of information in each character. For example, "暗号通貨" mean "Cryptocurrency" in japan. "暗号通貨" has a 4 character but "Cryptocurrency" has a 14 character!!  So Japanese character is suitable for Twitter because Twitter has a limit of the character. And most of people don't want to read a long tweet.

Twitter fitted to the Japanese culture

     Japan has a distinctive culture. Most of Japanese people can not say what they are thinking in their mind. Japanese people think it is a good thing to endure painful things and they have a lot of stress. So they are dissipating the stress on Twitter. They are dissipating the stress on Twitter Because it is anonymous.

A special context the Japanese have

     Japanese people have a special context. Japanese language has more information than writing. Japanese people have a culture of "SASSI". "SASSI" means sympathize, guess, image. They have to guess what they are thinking every times. So it culture is suitable for Twitter because we can tweet only 140 words.