If you interested in Ninja, you should go to Kunoichi-Ninja Cafe!!

What is "KUNOICHI-Ninja Cafe"?

"Kunoichi -Ninja Cafe-" is the Japanese restaurant based in Shibuya. The ninja is a spy that was in the 11th to 18th centuries. They are wearing the black costume and some of them have a sword(called KATANA). KUNOICHI is woman Ninja.
KUNOICHI -Ninja Cafe-'s clerk is like a Kunoichi. They are also wearing the black costume and have a sword. If you come here, I could have a special experience about Ninja.

Restaurant & Cafe

They provide a Japanese smoked-food. You can enjoy Japanese culture and of course you can see the Kunoichi. Then they have a Japanese sweets, Japanese tae and Japanese "Sake".

Become a Ninja

Most exciting things in here is Ninja Experience!! You can become a Ninja here and Kunoichi teach you how is use Katana and Syuriken.

Make an "Omusubi"

"Omusubi" is japanese traditional rice ball. You can make Omusubi hare!!

At the end

If you would like to have Ninja Experience and Making an Omusubi, you have to reserve. Have a good trip.