The world of StarWars which "The VOID" provides through VR

 I recently experienced the attraction "STAR WARS: SECRETS OF THE EMPIRE" where Star Wars VR can be experienced in London. "Star Wars The Last Jedi" has been released and excited, but what is the feeling of VR?


It is located in the huge shopping mall facility "WESTFIELD LONDON" in London. It is installed near the Starbucks on the first floor (the second floor in what is called in Japan) among them.
Address: Ariel Way, Shepherd's Bush, London W12 7GF, UK

Amusement of the New Age

Basically, VR seems to enjoy sitting in a small space or enjoying it in a space of several meters square even if it moves. But what I experienced can move freely around the prepared large set and experience the attraction.

The secret that realized it is "Vapture", a special VR headset with a wide viewing angle and high resolution of 180 ° viewing angle with one eye 2K binocular 4K, a body suit tactilely conveyed, PC for graphic processing It is a backpack.

With this, free movement is realized without being bothered by the code to connect with the PC.


When the VR experience begins, a mission of "invading the enemy's facility and taking information" is handed over to the experiencer. For the mission, we will fight with the familiar alien (?) Who came in white space suit and the huge cosmic creature playing in a stupid big lava and a gun held in both hands.
Also doing a gun battle with the enemy, cooperating with the team to solve the puzzle!
I do not know the story of Star Wars at all, but there were still no problems at all.


This VR experience is attracting attention to detail.

According to the vicinity of Magma, hot air is transmitted from nearby, wind blows, the ground shakes when moving on a spaceship.

Furthermore, when the enemy's shot hits the body, pain ticks through the body suit. Especially despite puzzles that are not difficult to solve puzzles, I got sharp scratches and tingling, so I realized that it was frustrating to not concentrate at all.
Also, it is possible to cooperate with more than one.

Image of VR suit giving tactile sense (from VRGames)

Commemorative photo

After the experience, you can take a commemorative photo and send you the picture for free.
Commemorative filming zone


It is the VR amusement facility production company The VOID in the United States that deals with this attraction. THE VOID is also known for opening a simultaneous participation type attraction "Ghostbusters: Dimension" which is able to walk around the hall with backpack PC as the theme of "Ghostbusters" in July 2016 more in New York.
Also at both Disney Land in Los Angeles and Florida in the USA, "STAR WARS: SECRETS OF THE EMPIRE" is offered.

Homepage is here

You can see the information on the facility on this website or make a reservation. Please experience it when you go to London / Los Angeles / Florida.