When you use a VR head-set, you should use “Ninja-mask”

Experience VR hygienically

From 2016 to 2017, the VR boom has taken place in the IT industry, but in 2018 we have a feeling that it will be a year that will penetrate outside the IT industry. How many opportunities for general people to touch VR is increasing how much? And today I will introduce the goods I recommend for VR experiences.
VR’s equipment has many faces, and some of them emit fever, so when you are experiencing you may sweat Jinwari. If it’s a woman, it seems that make-up is on.

Under such circumstances, there are nothing to say that it is an unsanitary being used by turning equipment with multiple people.

In this case, Ninja mask is very useful.

Easy to use. Before attaching the headset, just attach it with a sense of eye mask.

Please use it by all means in the VR experience! Well then!