Sato Kashiwa Exhibition

I visited the largest-ever solo exhibition of one of Japan's leading creative directors, Kashiwa Sato. He was born in 1965, and after graduating from university, he worked as an art director at Hakuhodo Inc. where he was involved in a series of innovative advertising projects.
Since going independent in 2000, he has continued to attract attention both in Japan and abroad for his innovative VI/CI plans and brand strategies for a wide variety of clients, including corporations, educational institutions such as kindergartens and universities, hospitals, museums, the entertainment industry, the fashion industry, and local industries.
In this exhibition, all of his representative advertising works were introduced. 

His most famous work is UNIQLO. UNIQLO uses the same logo all over the world. His ideas are strongly reflected in the creation of the UNIQLO brand image.

Also, the logo of 7-Eleven is his work. 

7-Eleven has become the most successful convenience store in Japan, and his work is not limited to the logo; his work is also reflected in the packaging.

Also, let's not forget the logo of the Rakuten Group. He is in charge of the logo design for all of the countless group companies and services.

Finally, I would like to introduce my favorite Rakuten Panda. This is a character that has become very popular on social media.