What is a robot restaurant with a total construction cost of $10 million?

The Robot Restaurant, which opened in July 2012 at a total cost of 10 billion yen($10M), is called a "restaurant," but it is not a real restaurant as such, but a night spot that offers entertainment shows. 

The robot restaurant is entertainment shows case. Initially, the restaurant's target customers were Japanese businessmen but it has gained popularity around the world, and now the majority of customers are tourists from abroad, many of them with children. I also went to a robot restaurant with a Japanese friend. At that time, we were the only two Japanese there, and the rest were all foreigners.

As I've mentioned earlier, a "robot restaurant" is not a restaurant. It is a large scale show consisting of three parts. During the show, the following giant robots and dancers in gorgeous costumes will perform!

It is a gorgeous and glamorous thing that you will not find anywhere else in the world. This will surely be the best memory of your trip to Japan.