Japanese traditional food "Unagi Restaurant".

Eel bowl (Unadon, Unagi Donburi) is a Japanese bowl of rice topped with broiled eel on a bowl of white rice. It is one of the Japanese dishes considered to be a local delicacy of Edo and Tokyo. Rice is placed in a bowl, sauce is poured over it, and eel kabayaki is placed on top. In some areas, more rice is placed on top to cover the eel. It is served with powdered sansho (Japanese pepper), pickles such as Nara-zuke (Japanese pickles), and pickled liver. Although it is called "Don", round lacquer ware bowls are often used instead of porcelain.

The sauce is made mainly from soy sauce and mirin (sweet cooking rice wine), and many restaurants keep adding to it little by little. The fat and flavor from the eel, as well as the charred skin and the aroma of charcoal, give the sauce a richness and depth that only a long-established restaurant can provide.

Sansho powder is sprinkled on the eel just before eating. Sansho is a way to refresh the fatty eel, and is said to help digestion and remove the muddy smell.

Since domestic eel is expensive, the price of eel bowl is often set high. The price ranges from 1,000 yen to over 1,000 yen for the cheapest one. The cheapest one is in the range of 1,000 yen, and the most expensive one is over 1,000 yen. For these reasons, many Japanese people think of eel bowl as a high-class Japanese food.
Today, I visited Eel bowl restaurant in Yoyogi named "Ufuku". 

A lot of eel dishes are served here.

Another attraction is the decoration of the store, which allows customers to experience Japanese culture.