Nizi Project", a very popular girls group audition show in Japan


Sony Music Entertainment, produced Nogizaka46, and JYP Entertainment, produced 2PM and Twice, organized "Nizi Project" as a joint project. "Nizi Project", called "NIZIPURO" aim to produce "Global girls group". I saw that project on Hulu and I really impressed for that. So I'll introduce that project today. 

What is Nizi Project abaut?

Nizi Project is hosted by J.Y. Park who is famous producer in Korea and CEO of the JYP Entertainment. He hoped to create a group that could be active in the world. That's why he stared this project. "Nizi" mean rainbow in Japanese. He gave the girl group this name in the hope that each member's individuality would shine through in a variety of colors, like a rainbow.

Road of Audition 

【1】Local Audition(Series1)

The audition path was divided into three parts, with 10,000 participants. First part is local audition that held at various locations in the region. The audition was held from July to August 2019 in a total of 10 locations, including eight cities in Japan (Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, and Okinawa) and Hawaii and Los Angeles in the U.S. After the first and second rounds of judging, 26 finalists were selected by J.Y. Park. The 26 finalists participated training camp in Tokyo. 

【2】Training Camp in Tokyo(Series1)

Twenty-six participants who passed the regional audition trained at a camp for five days. Dance level test, vocal level test, star quality test, and SHOWCASE (group performance) will be conducted, and the final rankings will be determined by taking into account the personality evaluation by the staff and the participants' votes. The special judges for the SHOWCASE were Sana and Momo from TWICE.

【3】Training Camp in Korea(Series2)

From December 2019, 13 students who passed the Tokyo training camp took lessons for 6 months at JYP Training Center in Seoul, Korea. In the process, individual level tests and team missions were held to select the debut members. Ranking was announced in every mission, and the trainees who came in last twice were "eliminated" from the competition. At the end of the story, the final nine members were announced, and they made their impressive debut as NiziU.