The Netflix original drama "The Naked Director Season 2" is finally here!

All episodes of Netflix original drama "The Naked Director Season 2" have been released. It has become a hot topic in Japan and around the world.

In the first half of the second season, Toru Muranishi rides the wave of the bubble economy to become the king of the adult film industry, and his private and public partner, Kaoru Kuroki, is also gaining recognition among the general public as a celebrity.

However, when Muranishi embarks on the satellite business on the recommendation of his banker, Honda, he breaks away from his friends and starts a new company to continue to pursue the satellite business. In the new company's diamond image, there is also an image of Chiba Miyuki, a.k.a. Nogi Mariko, who later becomes Muranishi's wife.

While sales increase through scandalous methods (what is now called "flame sales"), Kurokika feels emotionally distant when Muranishi does not film her new work.

Muranishi, who is in charge of the satellite business at Muranishi, is scorned by Unno, who calls him "just a pornographer" and "out of his league" (he has many criminal records), and has a hard time getting into the satellite business.

Nevertheless, he persuades Etsuko Takamiya and Watabe, the key players in the satellite business, to force his way into the business. "Muranishi invests billions of yen in the satellite business with the slogan "pornography falling from the sky.

However, with the collapse of the bubble economy and the termination of bank loans, Muranishi finds himself in a difficult situation.

Not only did he have to pay for the maintenance of his satellite business, but he also had to pay unpaid salaries to his staff and cast. Despite the support of his new public and private partner, Mariko Nogi, Muranishi and Diamond Image effectively collapsed.Muranishi's outburst and collapse, the collapse of the bubble economy, and the clampdown on gangsters shake the lives of his former associates Kawada and Toshi.

In addition, Kurokika, who had left Muranishi and was living with Junko, fell and was seriously injured.

The story is even more intense than the previous one, and it is a work that is sure to get a lot of attention, so be sure to check it out on Netflix.