Henna Hotel, the world's first robot hotel, has been certified as a Guinness World Record winner

Today I would like to introduce you to some of the unique hotels that are being developed throughout Japan called "Henna Hotel".

The word "Henna" means "strange" in Japanese. However, in this case, it is used in a slightly different way. It is said that "Henna Hotel" means "a promise to keep changing.

The main feature of the hotel is that most of the tasks that used to be done by humans, such as front desk work and luggage carrying, are now done by robots in order to improve productivity, and it has been certified as the "World's First Robot Hotel" by Guinness World Records.

Front Desk

At the reception desk, a dinosaur doll welcomes you. This dinosaur doll can talk and will tell you what you need to do at the reception desk.

Robot Dancer

Also, there are robot dancers. This functions like Siri, and when you speak to it, it will respond and dance for you.


The room was normal, but very clean with modern style.


If you are ever in Japan, you should definitely try it.


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