Muscle Girls Bar, where macho girls serve as waitstaff!!

Today, we would like to introduce you to a somewhat unique restaurant. It is called "Muscle Girls Bar," and to our surprise, the bartenders are muscular girls who have worked out to the point of being muscular.


Muscle Girls Bar is located in the Ikebukuro West Exit area of Tokyo. It is located on the 6th floor of a building, and you can hear the fun music from the moment you get on the elevator.


This restaurant has an all-you-can-drink system for 30 minutes. Some drinks, such as highballs, are served in oversized 1 kg glasses.


Furthermore, in addition to the regular menu, a menu of options exists.

  • Muscle photo shoot (1,000 yen): You can take a commemorative photo with your favorite Muscle Girl.
  • Muscle Injection (1,500 yen): A syringe feeds you a drink or protein with an "ah ♥".
  • Muscle All Together (2,000 yen): You can gather all Muscle Girls for a commemorative photo.
  • Muscle Personal (¥2,000/10 min.): Muscle Girl will personal train you.
  • Show Tiem

    Shows are held several times a day. Muscle girls who are on duty at that time dance and entertain the customers.


    It is a very unique and interesting restaurant, and we encourage everyone to visit.